Little Winston and/or Lucy?

So, it happened! Today. Eight fertilized eggs became five, and then the two healthiest ones were selected for implantation on Day 5, which took place this afternoon at two.

We’re talking BABIES!

No, not me. It’s my son. Well, not my son. My daughter-in-law. They are going through the process of in vitro fertilization. So we are in hopes that it all “takes” and we will soon be welcoming a little bundle of joy in this world that has been very harsh lately. Or two bundles. But for now, I guess you can say we have two blastocytes or embryos or babies!



4 Comments on “Little Winston and/or Lucy?”

  1. inktarsia says:

    Ah, babies! I will keep all my fingers & toes crossed. It was a type of merger, after all. 😉

  2. Julie says:

    Kathy, HOW EXCITING! Better than any Christmas present we ever peeked inside! I am so happy for you all. Talk to you soon — great news!



  3. How sparks of life transfer, one to another, others. What a sweet mystery. Thank you (and your son and daughter-in-law) for letting us share in the adventure. The light is never extinguished.

  4. sarahemc2 says:


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