Saturday at Nine

Still eight, still on schedule, and this morning at nine is when it happens!

Fingers crossed, toes crossed, eyes crossed…

Wow, it’s all remarkable!

Update: It is all fluid and things change and as of 10:00 CST it should happen on Monday … now, we wait … and pray.

6 Comments on “Saturday at Nine”

  1. Julie says:

    Okay, Kathy,

    I was always one of those children who secretly peeked inside her Christmas presents early because I couldn’t wait to see what was inside. I am still impatient. Just wanted you to know that I am impatiently awaiting the surprise.



  2. kathyrhodes says:

    Me too, Julie. I have never been one to keep secrets and I peeked in my Christmas presents, too. The Eight went to Five and we’re looking for Two. I can’t believe you are the only one who has asked.

  3. inktarsia says:

    Eight was tagged “Not tellin, uh-uh.” But I’m dying of suspense. Are we talking about radio stations? manuscript contest? VP candidates? grocery coupons? mergers? cost for a gallon of gas? 😉

    Guess I have to wait until Monday. Rats. No, wait, Sarah has that covered.

  4. Kathy says:

    I think Sarah knows, but she’s not spilling the beans. It’s not a merger. That was completed August 1.

  5. Julie says:

    Are we THERE YET? How much LONGER? I was never good on long trips, either:)

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