Bikes and Tunnels, Oh My!

I’ve wanted to go through those tunnels for more than a decade, and by golly, I finally did it!

Fieldstone Farms is a large neighborhood with two thousand homes and a network of paths and trails on both sides of busy Hillsboro Road between Franklin and Nashville. The shopping center with Publix, Walgreens, The UPS Store, Blockbuster, Bricks Restaurant, and so on is on the other side of Hillsboro from the circle on which I live, and I would never be brave enough to cross the busy speedway on my bike. But alas, there are the tunnels: one that goes under Fieldstone Parkway and then immediately veers eastward and goes under Hillsboro Road.

When the sons were home last week, we got the bikes out one evening and headed to Walgreens. I had no idea how to even access the tunnels, but Son #2 did, so he directed the journey…and snapped pictures of me from behind.

Tunnel under Hillsboro Road

They close the gates at dark, and I kept worrying they would somehow automatically shut as we were crossing through, but they didn’t. It’s dark inside, a little scary, but very handy.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Light at the End of the Tunnel


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