An Open Door

We have something new at our house. Something we’ve needed for a long time, but one of those projects my engineer husband had studied thoroughly and would’ve had to have it all measured out and exactly right and it was one of those things that this approach would not support. However, in the end, knowing what I know about how my two sons approach projects with abandon and with the creative side of their brains and with the thought they can do anything, I enlisted them. And voila! Done in one day, except for the painting and rehanging of the blinds.

Doggy Door

Doggy Door

I wasn’t sure I could teach an old dog new tricks, but I got down on the floor and repeated her new mantra — Push it, go outside, tee tee — and tried to stick my head through the door. I ended up giving her a shove from behind. She didn’t mind coming in, but was hesitant about going out at first. Now when the doggy door is unlocked and open, she sails out. She scoots her behind on the patio, eats dead locust shells, sniffs in the ivy, and checks out the perimeters.

It has brought some smiles to the household.

"I'm free at last!"

"I'm free at last!"


2 Comments on “An Open Door”

  1. inktarsia says:

    We installed a nifty dog door when we enclosed part of the deck, and our old creaky dog just loves the freedom to come and go as she pleases. Te door works great in a snowstorm…don’t have to stand in front of a sliding glass door, watching the snow fly in towards the sofa, while the dog debates whether to go out or not. brrr!

    My folks had a basset hound who refused to use the dog door, because it swatted her backside when she went out. I know the feeling.

  2. Sweet pictures! When we were adding on to our house, our dog, Maggie, would jump into the cabs of the subcontractors’ trucks, steal their Tupperware-contained lunches and thrust them diagonally through her doggie door. Later, I would find remains of leftover pizza, chips, sandwiches, etc. and once even a Walmart bag with two unopened cans of dog food. Never did figure that one out. . . Maggie also liked to “fetch” one of our neighbors, a huge gopher tortoise, and shove him diagonally through the doggie door. Talk about one ticked off tortoise!

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