The Truth Comes Out

I have spent thirty-something years feeling guilty that my little sister missed her Junior Class Day to be in my wedding, not as maid of honor, but as a bridesmaid. After posting my 8/02 blog “Last ‘Sisters’ Segment,” I learn the truth.

In a private email, she tells me, “I spent the evening with Clint (the groomsman) listening to records and talking. It was fun. We did drop by the Junior-Senior Prom for a bit, but didn’t dance.”

Clint, the groomsman from Louisiana that she had never met before, was as cute as they get — handsome, nice, … CUTE! — and FIVE years older than my sister. He was graduating from college; she was in eleventh grade. Our parents would have never let me go out with a boy/man that much older.

Then again, this was the sister who flew in a crop duster with her friend El Laurie all over the county (or above the county) and didn’t tell our parents until twenty years later.

But she did go on to tell me yesterday that “Your wedding was about you. It was supposed to be that way. I had a good time. Things were as they should be.”



One Comment on “The Truth Comes Out”

  1. I’ve really enjoyed your “sisters” posts… since I don’t have any sisters, my posts about my mother and daughter represent the women of the family. I’ll be posting another one soon, about my daughter and my visit to my mother’s assisted living home yesterday. Watch for it over at Pen and Palette! Keep on writing, Kathy!

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