Creative Nonfiction Workshop

So, you’re writing a memoir. Or you’re doing some travel writing. Or, like me, you are trying to write a compelling true story, perhaps about the man next door who murdered his wife, then faked a marriage to the woman across the street and murdered her, too. You are writing CREATIVE NONFICTION, the most widely published genre in the publishing industry today.

If you need a few pointers on writing REAL LIFE, RESEARCH, AND REFLECTION, there’s a workshop for you in historic Franklin, Tennessee. Lee Gutkind, the Godfather behind the genre of Creative Nonfiction will teach “The 5 R’s of Creative Nonfiction” Saturday, September 13, 8:15 – 4:00, in an intensive one-day workshop, sponsored by the Council for the Written Word.

It doesn’t matter how far you live from Middle Tennessee. We’ve got one person coming from Morgantown, West Virginia (Hi, Julie!) and another from Overland Park, Kansas, and others from points in between. Besides, Franklin is a nice literary place to visit. It’s the home of Carnton Mansion, the setting of Robert Hicks’ best-selling novel The Widow of the South. It’s also the home of Robert Hicks. Actually, Franklin [Williamson County] is the home of about 400 documented published authors — people who have lived in Williamson County for at least one year and published a book. So there’s a lot of good mojo here!

More information HERE.

Fall Workshop


One Comment on “Creative Nonfiction Workshop”

  1. sarahemc2 says:

    Who is coming from Morgantown? Maybe they’ll carpool! Is there still room in the workshop?

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