Colin Linden on Letterman

It’s not often that I have a friend on the David Letterman Show.

Well, maybe it’s more like ne-ver.

But Colin Linden is a friend by default because his wife Janice is a friend. I’ve been to his house, eaten his barbecue, had his wine, and I’ve also been to his gigs at Third and Linsley and the Blackberry Jam Music Festival. I’ve got his CD’s, too, and all these things make me a bona fide friend. Colin and Janice are dear to my heart because although they are from Canada and I am from the Mississippi Delta, they know much, much more — like everything! — about Mississippi Delta Blues than I do.

My favorite CD is Southern Jumbo. Of course. My CD might have had little grooves on it at one time like the old vinyl records, and if that is so, I’ve worn them flat.

Colin Linden

So Thursday night Colin performed “Shores of White Sands” with Emmylou Harris on Letterman. Their featured new album is All I Intended To Be. After they played, Dave Letterman walked up to them, looked at Colin, and asked him how he was. Colin said, “Good.”

The whole time Emmylou sang and the band played, I was trying to take a picture of my TV with Colin on it standing to the left of Emmylou, and my batteries were dead, and the camera would not click one single picture. (The only other time that happened was at my very first ever booksigning at Barnes & Noble.)

Colin is a roots music producer and songwriter and solo artist and has won Junos. He plays with Blackie and the Rodeo Kings, who made it to George Bush’s IPod. He also helped with the music on Oh Brother Where Art Thou and played the first song. He was in the movie Irreconcilable Differences with George Clooney; he played the singing priest.

Music is his life, and you can tell it when you watch him play. Check out his website.


One Comment on “Colin Linden on Letterman”

  1. inktarsia says:

    This ‘Ista understands good music.

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