It’s a Marshmallow World!

Finally, a measurable snow! It started about six Friday night and ended mid-morning Saturday. I took a yardstick outside and measured it — three inches in some places, five in drifts.

Chaeli Inside Looking Out

It was definitely cozier to cuddle up inside where it was warm and look out the window at kids sledding and throwing snowballs and the Min Pin taking a walk in his yellow sweater.

Snow on Lantern Bird House

Snow piled up on the tiny lantern in the flower garden beside the patio and on the SEE ROCK CITY birdhouse next to the back fence.

Pond in Winter

Snow drifted against the stones around the pond and covered them, like whipped cream … or melting marshallows.

Snow Turtle Shaped

Snow covered the turtle statue that sits on a rock beside the pond and kept the shape.

A typical Tennessee snowstorm — here, then gone. Most of it disappeared by three in the afternoon.


One Comment on “It’s a Marshmallow World!”

  1. Kathy-

    Beautiful pictures, and I’m glad you enjoyed the snow while it lasted. Me personally, I’m sick of the snow. We’ve been hit so many times this winter in Illinois that it’s driving me crazy. In fact, there are still some lingering piles in the yard, and I just want them to go away and for the sun and warm weather to return some life to the land.


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