Wednesday, I drove through cloudbursts of snow flurries, west from Nashville, to Jackson, to Bolivar before the flakes subsided. It’s always good to cross that Mississippi state line! I arrived in Oxford about three, checked in at the Inn at Ole Miss, and took the shuttle to the Square. In bitter cold temps, I walked and window-shopped around the entire Square and snapped a picture of Faulkner to prove I’m really here. I ate at the Downtown Grill, then browsed through Square Books. I bought Haven Kimmel’s second memoir She Got Up Off the Couch and Dinty W. Moore’s memoir, Between Panic & Desire. I’ll be heading to Dinty’s workshop in about fifteen minutes. Dinty will be on Thacker Mountain Radio tonight.


PBB in Square Books
I snapped a picture of Pink Butterbeans in Square Books — the yellow books to the right of Sex in the South and From Manhattan to Mississippi, right across from the checkout counter.

Hey to Currie and Colleen! Gotta run to class!


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