Jumbo Tales

Getting together with friends gives good laughter and great storytelling. Saturday night, Brentwood Grille gave us a long table in a corner because they knew we’d be a rowdy bunch. How did they know? I told them.

Friends 1 Friends 4

Friends 3 Friends 2

In this group are a dentist, an illustrious high school football coach who always wins the state championship, a few educators, an insurance associate, a national retail store manager turned banker, a Fortune 50 corporate executive turned entrepreneur, and a writer. Six of this bunch are from West Tennessee, four are Foster “cousins,” three graduated from high school together, and a few of us spouses just hang out and roll our eyes at small town Huntingdon news and towns like Jumbo and Westmoreland and concrete mixer drivers and cases of orange baseball caps — bills only — that got delivered from one of this bunch to my front door. Then I store the stories, all this fresh fodder, in the back of my mind to bring out at some appropriate time.



2 Comments on “Jumbo Tales”

  1. Gloria says:

    Thanks so much for beginning this tale before the passing of my dear cousin. This entry is a treasure!

  2. Kathy says:

    And now your dear cousin is gone and so is the Brentwood Grill! It is closed.

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