Fire Your Financial Planner!

Ron Firmin at Landmark Booksellers

I went to Ron Firmin’s booksigning Saturday afternoon at Landmark Booksellers in downtown Franklin. I met Ron last June at the Tennessee Writers Alliance conference. Ron had a work in progress then, met with an agent during the conference, and now his book is a reality. Ron called Friday with the news about his signing and was excited about sharing this attractive gem of a book, chock-full of tips and advice on building a strong financial future.

Ron made a fortune and lost it — lost over three million dollars and started over at an age when most people are contemplating retirement. Fire Your Financial Planner contains twenty-one lessons on how to make the most of your assets and how to limit your spending — valuable lessons he learned the hard way.

Ron signed a book for me, and I’ve started digging through it. So far, I’ve learned the Rule of 72 and have great plans to take my little pot of gold and double it. He says it’s not too late to begin to plan for and create a financially strong retirement account.

Ron’s next book will be about China — can’t wait for that one!


One Comment on “Fire Your Financial Planner!”

  1. Ron Firmin says:

    Hi Kathy, Now that I have relocated your nice words, I will post them on my new website this week. Things are going great -we had a super interview on WTN 99.7 FM last Friday morning resulting in many hits to my website and many book sales. I will also have that interview uploaded under Book Reviews in a day or two. Thanks for your choice words and I look forward to seeing you at some future TWA conference. I hope someone keeps me posted. Ron Firmin

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