Whew. Glad That’s Over.

Before I went to my Critique Group last night I spent 45 minutes on the phone with my mother. Storms were crossing the Mississippi River and headed toward her in the Delta. The tornado sirens were blaring, so she took her phone and camped out in the walk-in closet in what used to be my bedroom. She had the weather radio on, and as we listened, I tracked the tornado on my map. It would pass west and north of her. I also watched the line of storms on the Weather Channel map. Memphis had a huge red-black circle over it, and I knew they were under the gun.

Neil, Chance, Currie, and I finished our critiquing early, so we could all get home before the storms hit Middle Tennessee. Shortly after I got home, I learned that Memphis had been hit hard. I changed the TV from the UT/Florida game to the local channel for weather. Storms were raking across Tennessee. Footage of damage in Memphis was shown. Jackson was hit. I called my sister, who lives in Mid-Town Memphis, and she and her dog Piddypat had spent the afternoon in the antique clawfoot tub in the downstairs bathroom of her home. Then the siren in my neighborhood between Franklin and Nashville started blasting. I ended my phone conversation standing on the back deck asking my sister if she could hear it. “Let me go take cover,” I said. First, I took the dog out to the bathroom. Then, I sat on the front porch for a few minutes and watched the wind pick up and start to push the trees. I could feel the rush, the power in the air. The lightning was intense and all around.

But the worst of the storm went west and north, and I went to bed. At 1:45 AM, thunder woke me. I flipped on the TV and my county was in another tornado warning. The storm with rotation was moving in from Leipers Fork and moving toward Grassland, which is the next neighborhood north. I woke my husband, then grabbed the dog and huddled on the floor in the toilet closet in the master bathroom downstairs…where I could hear my husband snoring in bed. The storm went west and north again.

It’s such a powerless feeling to be a sitting duck with winds of 100 mph moving your way.


2 Comments on “Whew. Glad That’s Over.”

  1. susie27 says:

    i love how charlie handles the stress of tornadoes.
    i need to learn to do that.

  2. Finn says:

    Yes, that was one scary evening.

    I was the one glued to the tv with my cellphone at my side and a flashlight at hand just in case the power went off. I was the one tracking the storm and worried about getting to the basement in time if need be, and horrified to see what was happening at Union and elsewhere.

    My husband and our dog, on the other hand, were sawing logs in the bedroom, about as stressed as a hound dog on a summer day.

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