It was TEN in TENnessee this morning! Coat-wearing weather. Even for the dog.

But it wasn’t too cold to have lunch in downtown Franklin at Puckett’s with The Girls. After some salads, we stopped in two doors down at Merridee’s, where Bill Peach was holding an intellectual forum from 10 till 3. He’d said, “My primary role in this venture should be only the commonality of convening a gathering of some of Franklin’s (and Nashville’s) best and brightest. When we arrived about 2, Rick Warwick — Williamson County Historian — was there, along with another man, and Bill’s face brightened and he announced, “Here are four Williamson County literary giants.” We all laughed.

It was cold outside, but I left warmed by friendship.


2 Comments on “Brrrrr…”

  1. susie27 says:

    it was a good day,
    i felt the same way.

  2. corey says:

    Ha, oh Lord help us all…

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