I’ll Be Home, uh, Warm for Christmas

I’d rather have mistletoe than snow. I’ve already gotten the biggest of presents under the tree.

Sunday, my own personal private computer engineer set up the baddest, fastest computer in the whole wide world, along with dual flat panel monitors.

Monday, it was too cold in my office to work on it. Monday, the snow came. Well, not really snow, and it had been coming for a few days. I’ve noticed a few nights, as I tried to sleep, cold air was blowing on my face, stinging like needles of ice, lingering like a dusting of snow. Jack Frost was nipping at my nose … and toes. The heater runs nonstop, the thermostat is set on 68, and the temperature never climbs above 62. Not a good sign.

So I did what I didn’t want to do. I did what I’ve been knowing I’d have to do since last May, when the same thing happened in reverse with the air conditioner. I called Joslin’s. They sent out a heat/air conditioning guy, who announced that my upstairs heat pump wasn’t even running.

“Well, there’s air coming out of the vents — cold air unless I turn the thermostat up to 70 or 72, and then it’s warm air.” But he was right. The outside unit was still and silent.

“It has zero freon. That means there’s a big leak.”

“Can we fill it up with freon and buy some time?”

“It’ll leak right out into the air. Won’t last a day. I can give you a quote on a new unit.”

“I already got a quote last May. But I guess I need a new one,” I said through tight lips. “The unit has had a leak since we bought the house. We fill it up with freon every year.”

“Have you added freon this year?”

“Twice already.”

“It’s time then.”

I called my husband, who was negotiating Green Hills traffic after stopping in on a customer. “It’s time,” I said. I heard the air come out of him. He groaned, his voice crackled. “I’m in the middle of an intersection,” he said. “I’ll take care of it,” I said.

I looked at the man with muddy boots, standing in my kitchen beside me. “I can’t pay for the best one out there, the top of the line. I don’t want the bottom of the line. Get me a strong, high middle.”

The strong, high middle is four thousand.

I signed on the line for it. I’ll be warm for Christmas … and not only in my dreams.


3 Comments on “I’ll Be Home, uh, Warm for Christmas”

  1. Deborah Rey says:

    All’s well that ends well, Kathy. Now you have the baddest beautiful ‘puter AND a warm house!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours and may 2008 bring you nothing BUT good things.
    Warmest + still sunniest,

  2. PPCE says:

    Happy computing! Stay warm!

    PPCE (Personal Private Computer Engineer)

  3. susie27 says:

    oh brother. well, it was time. merry christmas to you and charlie. you’ll be toasty and happy with your investment. it might even be a write-off. check it out.

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