The dog went to the ophthalmologist. There’s only one in Middle Tennessee, and it’s in the little bitty town of Nolensville, south of Nashville. This is our third trip over there, about 45 minutes from home. The first time we heard mentions of corneal dystrophy and dry eye, and I left afraid that my dog would lose her sight. I even began teaching her commands as we walked: “Left” and “Right” and “Stop.” And having heard all my life that carrots are good for your eyes (beta carotene), I started feeding her fresh raw carrots every day. I sliced baby carrots and served them along with her venison and potatoes. The second trip to the doctor, her eyes were fine. There was a tiny cataract, but nothing to worry about. I continued feeding the carrots and squeezing a gel into her eyes each day. This trip, another Happy Face report. She has some minor age-related stuff going on, but the doctor said, “Ninety-nine percent of the dogs who come in here should be so lucky!” Good news. I placed the Doggles on her face, and we headed home, west, into sunny skies.


2 Comments on “Doggle-Eyed”

  1. Eric says:

    … doggles??…. bhwhahhaahah….. I hope that there wasnt much traffic!….

  2. Winston says:

    Eric was right… rubberneckers get a glimpse of that wearing those and they’re likely to run off the road. You people (and dogs) have no shame. đŸ™‚

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