My Major Distraction

Occasionally, I like to take a break from the computer and sit at the breakfast table and work. I’ll write–longhand or laptop–or edit or pay bills. At least I try. As soon as I settle in, my sidekick sidles up. When anyone is sitting at the table, it is time to EAT! There is NO other purpose for being there. Chaeli rolls her ball right up to my foot, the ball with the hole that holds kibble which falls out as she pushes it through the house–in a circle, from the breakfast room, through the dining room, living room, foyer, hallway, kitchen, back for a refill. I have to admit, she brings a smile. I also have to admit that I might get a lot more done if I could simply ignore her. Easier said than done. (Pictured in her snood, which keeps her long lovely ears clean when she eats)


One Comment on “My Major Distraction”

  1. Winston says:

    Great start on your new blog! Looking good. Let’s see more pictures of the pooch.

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